The princess and her frogs

August 2, 2011
by Holly Becker

img_16171I’m pleading temporary insanity. Somehow I walked into a store with the intentions of buying a birthday gift for my children’s friend and came out with not only a gift but our first family pets. Two African dwarf frogs, Flower and Buggy, are now living in my house. It only took the short drive home for my lapse in brain functioning to hit me and for buyer’s remorse to set it. Meanwhile, my kids were giddy in the back seat as they celebrated their newfound friends. On some level, I’m sure they also were celebrating the ability to pull one over on Mom.

Usually I take great pleasure in telling my kids “no” when shopping in stores. This day was different. My daughter’s entire face lit up when she looked at these two not-so-cute frogs. “Can we please buy it? Pleeeease!” I felt like the Grinch when Cindy Lou Hoo asks in her sweet little voice about where The Grinch was taking the Christmas tree.

My daughter loves frogs and just about any critter that can be caught in our back yard. This spring, she caught one with her bare hands. She was thrilled to capture such a treasure and immediately placed it in her bug cage. She didn’t want to let go of her frog, but my husband and I encouraged her to let the frog return to his habitat. We didn’t want him to die, and we also didn’t want the frog’s mommy and daddy to worry about him when he didn’t make it home by dark (wink, wink). With tears streaming down her face, she released the frog outside. “I hope I catch another frog tomorrow,” she said.

The next day she combed over the yard to find another frog but came up empty handed. Nearly every day this summer she has searched for another frog.  During her bedtime prayers, she’d often ask God to give her another frog to find. It’s been a long summer of having to explain that sometimes God doesn’t answer our prayers immediately and or in the way that we want them to be answered.

Thankfully, it looks like these frogs won’t require much attention. We’re only supposed to feed them twice a week and add new water once every three months. Of course, the only pet I’ve had in the last 15 years was a Beta fish who died after a month in my care. I didn’t know that a Beta fish couldn’t survive in tap water. My mistake!

For now, I’m happy that I managed to dodge getting a cat or dog. I refuse to have any animals living in my house right now that require potty training or me being responsible for disposing of their poop. I’ve potty trained three kids (well most of the time) in the last three years. I’ve had enough of poop.


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