Mr. Clean

August 23, 2010
by Holly Becker

img_7070You can forget all the toys we have in our house. My 23-month-old son would rather play with the vacuum cleaner. In fact, Siler is pretty much obessed with the vacuum cleaner. I’m not exactly sure what he finds so appealing about the vacuum. Maybe he  likes the loud noise that it makes, which is interesting considering his big brother and sister were scared of the vacuum cleaner until they were three years old. They’d run out of the room and cover their ears whenever the vacuum came on.

Siler, on the other hand, makes a bee line for the vacuum whenever it is in eyesight, and his whole face lights up when I turn it on. Now he follows me around from room to room and wants help me push it across the floor. “I do it. I do it,” he says.

This spring I found a little vacuum at a conignment sale for $4, and I have to say it was worth the investment for far more than the cheap price tag. The vacuum is a child-sized red Dirt Devil that’s so lightweight that Siler can easily push it all over the house. You should see the sheer joy it brings this kid. And that’s without battery power! Imagine how excited he’d be if I actually put the batteries in it. I know. It’s awful that I don’t replace batteries in toys or never put them in from the beginning. There is only so much noise one mom can take. My three children already provide a sufficient amount of decibels for my ears to take in each day.

Until recently, I thought Siler’s vacuum obession was fairly normal for a kid his age. Now it’s taken on a new level of crazy. Although he loves his little Red Dirt Devil, he’s really in awe of the big vacuum. Siler talks to the big vacuum like it’s a person. He likes to tell the vacuum “hello”  and “bye bye” every time he passes by it. I’ve even caught him hugging the vacuum a few times. Then last week he topped everything by brining one of his favorite books, “Go, Dog, Go” over to show the vacuum. He read the book from memory all while holding the pages up for his vacuum buddy to see.

I guess the good news is my house is getting vaccumed more frequently these days. Maybe my little guy will become obsessed with dusting next.